Stand back; I'm Going to Try Scientist!

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No matter how much we test our code, end users will always do things differently. This leads to user and data-specific bugs, frustration, and long hours spent diagnosing and debugging production issues. There's got to be a better way. Scientist may be the answer.

In this session we'll explore canary testing with Scientist .NET and see how Scientist allows us to broadly test changes without risking user-facing defects while giving developers the time and confidence to safely improve their code.

While Scientist is available in many languages, we'll specifically be exploring Scientist .NET and using it to work with synchronous and asynchronous tests.

Speaker Bio

Matt is committed to helping people (and their code) achieve greater things. After nearly two decades of working as a professional software engineer, Matt put away his mechanical keyboard and made teaching others his primary job in a continuing quest to invest in the community and up-and-coming developers. Matt has been working with code since 1987 yet constantly discovers new things to learn.

Matt focuses on building quality software applications using C#, F#, TypeScript, Angular, Vue, and plain-old JavaScript. When he's not teaching or coding, Matt writes on software engineering at, builds highly unusual side projects, goes on refactoring frenzies, and enjoys learning new things to share with the community at large.